School Bus




  1. Follow the driver’s instructions at all times.
  2. Please enter and leave the vehicle in an orderly manner.
  3. Keep feet, books, instrument cases, and other objects out of the aisle.
  4. Do not deface the vehicle or its equipment.
  5. Do not put head, hands, arms, legs, or any object out of any window, or throw objects inside or outside of the vehicle.
  6. Do not possess or use any form of tobacco on school buses.
  7. Observe all the usual classroom rules.
  8. Stay seated while the vehicle is moving.
  9. Fasten seat belts, if available.
  10. Wait for the driver’s signal before leaving, or crossing in front of the vehicle.



Harmony School of Endeavor – Austin
Harmony School of Excellence – Austin
Harmony School of Innovation – Austin
Harmony School of Science – Austin
Harmony Science Academy – Austin

Detailed Bus Route Information

School Bus

Parents, please see the attached flyer for bus route information.
Parent Information Flyer

2018 STAAR Test Results: Every Campus Received a "Met Standard" Rating | The Seven Harmony Districts Received six "A"s and one "B" Rating.

Every Campus Received a “Met Standard” Rating!

The Seven Harmony Districts Received six “A”s and one “B” Rating:

Harmony Public Schools Recognized By TEA as Best in Class

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Students and Parents,
We are so excited to kick off the 2018-2019 school year. These documents will be sent home on the first day of school, August 15, 2018. Should you need additional copies you can download them from our website.

Estudiantes y Padres,
Estamos muy emocionados de comenzar el año escolar 2018-2019. Estos documentos se enviarán a casa el primer día de clases, el 15 de agosto de 2018. Si necesita copias adicionales, puede descargarlas de nuestro sitio web.


Please review the document for arrival and dismissal procedures.


Por favor revisen el documento para el procedimiento de llegada y salida.